Microsoft is making progress with its strategies. This can be seen in the recent strategy changes of the company. Here, we are discussing Skype Preview launched for Microsoft 10 Mobile. Given below are the details related to this news. [ Source ]
This is considered as one of the most amazing things done by Microsoft. This is because of the reason that this strategy will bring a number of good changes for the users of Skype. Skype Preview launched for Microsoft 10 Mobile. According to the sources, this application will be first available for those people who are using windows 10 mobile edition.
As we know that the company had announced that they have canceled the UWP edition of Skype. On the other hand, the company is planning to introduce all those features in a different way. But, this is ensured that these features will be available for the users of Microsoft. These features are allowed in Microsoft 10 applications. These applications include all the apps related to video calling as well as messaging.
It will create easiness for the users. Moreover, they will be able to utilize these new and amazing features in all of these applications. All of the users are well aware of that. This is because of the reason that we have already experienced that in November. The reviews of Microsoft for this launch were amazing. Read more: