Poll: favourite sexual deviance?
May 29, 2016 by
What was everyone's most extreme or wildest sex adventure to date. I have so many that its tough to choose, but fucking my ex wife on the roof of a 42 story building looking out over Toronto as the moon rose s got to be close to the top
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idk whether to say giving my cousin a blow job when I was four, the 5 some with him in later years, or fucking my sword over the rotting corpse of a dog at midnight under the full moon on friday the 13th, and having my "brother" fuck me over the corpse and then jizz on it, or there was also shoving the mummified duck head in my ass. btw, there is pics in my albums of those last two events and many more. Plus had my chest cut up for a few bloody tit fucks, so really, take your pick on which is most extreme out of this.
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Having my step daughter masturbate in front of me when she was 19 and watch me jackoff on her. Then a few months later she asked for a repeat but this time we full on ducked like mad for hrs.
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Watching my mom suck my brother!
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Well fuck...my husband is a famous pornographer and you all win. Told him is " not stars" know more. Hats off to you all! I am damn proud to not be a star.
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one girl, we were at her house sitting on the couch watching some show we were both bored with. She punched me in the arm pretty hard (she could hit) and said "rape me"... "WTF are you talking about".. "rape me now".... "are you fucking crazy what if I hurt you"... "rape me now or I'm going to hit you".... I paused and she hit me pretty hard in the face... The following sex was brutal and the bruises lasted for weeks. We both talk about it for years.. She's dead now..
Fun girl I met comes back for round two, yeah I know she's got a BF she lives with. She's lying to me telling me they are separated .. I dont care she's HOT and 10 years younger than me.. Feisty fast one, mouthy in a playful way.. I was drunk (she knew it before coming over).. She was teasing me and playing hard to get.. Pinned her against the wall hard and started biting and squeezing her hard.. Just about ripped her clothes off, kept her pinned to the wall roughly fucked her ass, no lube except a little pussy juice.. It was far more violent and painful than I've managed to tell.. We see each other now and then, this night comes up often.