FIFA ethics judges agreed Wednesday to extend Secretary-General Jerome Valcke's temporary suspension for 45 more days Cheap Ryan McDonagh Jersey , after investigators urged them to take more time to weigh corruption allegations against the organization's former second-in-command.
""The adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee chaired by Mr Hans-Joachim Eckert has decided to extend the suspension of Mr Jerome Valcke by 45 days,"" it said in a statement.
""The extension of the suspension starts from today.""
Valcke's initial suspension began in mid-September and officially expired on Tuesday.
The investigatory chamber of FIFA's ethics committee had called for the extension on Tuesday, requesting more time for evaluating the evidence against Valcke. Ultimately, they said Cheap Steven Stamkos Jersey , they want to see the suspended secretary-general banned from soccer for nine years.
The investigators also called for the 55-year-old Frenchman to pay a fine of 100,000 Swiss francs ($99,000).
Valcke's suspension followed allegations of involvement in a ticketing scam, in which he was accused of selling Brazil World Cup tickets on the black market at above their face value.
He had previously been accused of being party to a potential $10 million bribe paid to former head of the North and Central America soccer governing body CONCACAF Authentic Nikita Kucherov Jersey , Jack Warner.
Even if the adjudicatory chamber had not extended Valcke's suspension, he would not have been able to return to work as he has also been banned indefinitely by FIFA's management, a penalty that is separate from the ethics committee -suspension.
Valcke's lawyer on Tuesday blasted the FIFA investigators, insisting that his client ""did absolutely nothing wrong Authentic Ryan McDonagh Jersey , as any independent and fair review of the facts would establish.""
""The Investigatory Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee has chosen to -ignore Jerome Valcke's exemplary -conduct and extraordinary contributions during his long tenure as secretary--general,"" Barry Berke added in a statement.
He insisted that the demand for a nine-year ban was ""nothing more than a self-serving public relations effort to wrongly attack Mr Valcke in a desperate attempt to try to prove that FIFA can police itself.""
Valcke's potential downfall is only the latest in world soccer, which has been hit by an -unprecedented series of scandals that have sparked demand for major -reform across the globe.
FIFA President Sepp Blatter, 79 Authentic Steven Stamkos Jersey , and UEFA chief Michel Platini, 60 - who -until recently had been expected to take the helm of FIFA - were last month banned from soccer for eight years, although they could still appeal the sanction.
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