When was the first time you had your cock sucked and where were you. And don't forget by who? Whom?
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Why couldn't you have been my brother, dammit? I'm jealous!
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some of the best places i've sucked cock was in the sheriff's office phone booth while my boyfriend was using the phone the glass in the door only went waist deep. lol or on the hood of a car next to a river while a whole bunch of tourist off a bus at a winery at the top of a hill watched and a glass elevator in SF between the 22 and 23 floor i pressed the stop and no bells went off so i rang his bell lolol oh i always love sliding under a table at a restaurant if they have table clothes that's where you'll find me lol
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you just reminded me of when I gave my bf a blowjob in the middle of class at highschool, and no one ever noticed. We were squeezed into a closet, but still.
Other experiences include over a mineshaft in a graveyard, who knows how deep that hole was. Over a rotting dog with my "brother" after fucking my sword, a 5 sum that involved my cousin, and got my tits cut up for a bloody tit fuck, then licked the blood off (being cut up is a common thing for me) think that's a few of my best/worst. *shrugs*
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sounds like to me you and i would have a blast getting them all together of a cple weeks of lots of fun and the only teo that would not be tired are you and I !
Oh, I'm sure we would. As long as their's lots of sharp objects, blood, and maybe a few corpses, I'm happy
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with my younger cousin in the portajohn at a construction sight
    My first time was some random chic my buddys cousin brought home from the bar everybody was fucking her and getting theyre dick sucked I just went for the bj myself I didn't really want all of my friends nut all over me that wouldn't be right LOL
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    I was 9...my daddy made me!
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    ^^^I'm jealous
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    First time? Was at school. Age 7
    Most fun? My ex gfs mom..
    My first was with a school friend . We were at a swimming hole I sucked him and he sucked me . We were like 12.
    14... Was at her house meeting her for the first time after talking on the phone for a few months. We meet because her friend was dating my friend.. Anyhow at her house cutting school and drinking her moms alcohol... She grabs me by the hand pulls me into to her room and drops to her knees and unzips my pants without saying a word.
    just at school year 6, during swimming lessons. she lost her bikini bottom part in the water and used me as cover.
    After that i was allowed to swim in her little pool and she blow me off. little tramp she was.
    headmaster found out somehow (guess she proudly blabbed about it) and i was expelled.
    My parents were nowhere to be seen out of shame for me. I loved it, they didn't
    The first time I had someone suck my cum off of my favorite piece of glass wasn't until a few years ago, and I made her lick it clean while she laid in the puddle I made on the carpet in the middle of her living room floor.