If you are trying to manage your time-table and your bank account while running a small business. You have come to the right place. Powerful social media tools for small business are accessible. You must have proper know-how of tools which are suitable for you.
Google Analytics:
If you are running a website then it is vastly recommended to install Google Analytics in the very first place. It is a product which is totally free of cost. Whatever business you are running, Google Analytics is obligatory. It tells you how many visitors you have. It is the most powerful social media tools for small business.
Bit.ly is used to compress a large web address into a shorter web address. It is useful in places where you have precise characters.With the help of bit.ly, you can elude excess of space and can avail it in a proper way. With the help of Bit.ly you can count the clicks on the specific post.
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