In this fast paced world, design trends have been emerging rapidly with new operating systems and devices. Some of the trends have managed to stick around for years together, while some are being shaped under an influence of technology and artistic forces.
Mobile application design trends are not just trends, they are beyond imagination nowadays. For major brands, mobile application design plays a vital role; their objective is simple – “be unique with qualitative performance” when it comes to designing compelling mobile apps.
Today’s growing market of smart devices revolves around intuitive mobile apps which can take you ahead of your competition and that is why mobile UX & UI are so critical in delivering unique results to the users.
Apart from this, there are various factors that drive growth of mobile application design. If your assumptions are killing your mobile apps designs then read this blog to get some ideas for your next mobile app design project.
Bigger Screen Designs:
Bigger screen designs may look clunky or odd, but the new generation has easily adopted oversized smartphones and tablets and they are to continue with “Bigger” screens. Surveys stated that, smart devices with big screens are expected to grow 35% a year until 2018.
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I wonder what will happen when designers run out of innovative ideas? How many times can we re invent the wheel?
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