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I take issue with this, "big and beautiful" shit...this "learn to love yourself the way you are" bullshit. Sorry fatties. Perhaps if we didn't try to placate such attitudes...perhaps if we still had a society that prized slender and abhorred obesity, people would strive toward staying in shape. Obesity is ugly. There's no such thing as "big and beautiful"! You're big, you cease being beautiful...period. Obesity is ugly! It is an assult upon the eyes. It turns stomachs...and the worst part?...this sympathetic, PATHETIC movement that big can be beautul, has empowered these fatties to try to dress sexy. Nothing uglier or more sickening than a fat ass stuffed into something that would look sexy on someone slender. Merchants should be prosecuted for even selling spandex above a certain size!
And these folks posting pics of fatties in here...and the folks "liking" them?...I think, perhaps, these fucker are so hard up to get laid that they'd fuck anything. Personally, I'd lose all my self respect if I ever took a fattie to bed...or even allow one to suck me off!
Now...I know I am pissing off a lot of folks. Before you get TOO pissed...I am not where I want to be either...but I am trying. I am working on it...a healthy diet, excercise, and knowing when to stop fucking eating...not eating candies, breads, carbs, etc...and it IS difficult...and the will power is lacking from time to time. distain of "fat", gives me the incentive to keep my will power up. I am 5'9" and weight 180...I want to be back down to 170. I was a professional athlete and WAS 5'10", 200, but not an ounce of fat on me. As I age, it gets harder. But, as I said, my complete disgust and hatred of obesity, eases the journey.
I can honestly say that every woman I have had sex with, has been slender and all but two would be considered "hot"...and those other two were average. And NOT because of looks folks...not really a great looking guy. Most of it has had to do with my past athlete, officer/ fighter pilot in the military, professional. That all allowed me to have plenty of sex partners. But...had I lowered my standards, the number would have been MUCH much higher...but why lower my standards? My memories are filled with hotties and beauties. My current girlfriend is super hot...looks 10-15 years younger than her age, has a super hot body, a gorgeous face, is a super horny nymphomaniac, and is the best at sex I have ever known. She's the female version of me, only attractive, and better than me in every way. She is everything I ever fantasized of, dreamed of, yearned for, wanted...and then some. Although she loves me now, had I been obese, she would had never even looked my way. Hate to sound shallow but, had SHE not been slender and toned, I'm sure I would had never even noticed her. Fact is, when I see an obese person, I think of them as an eyesore...not even human. For that, I DO feel bad. But it's a response that is natural for me...fat's ugly and stomach turning's inhuman. It's gross and unacceptable. Sorry fatties...if this strikes you as heartless and something for yourself and everyone else...change. I venture to guess most people feel the way I feel about obesity but because of our bleeding heart society so hell bent on hurting no one's feeling, they are afraid to express their feeling for fear of being attacked. Well...I posted this...with the expectations of such attacks...but, fuck it. This is MY truth, my feelings, my tastes...and if it offends you...fuck off and block me...if you agree, you're welcomed for me taking the heat for your opinions.
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